What Does A New Year Mean To You

By | January 5, 2016

What does a new year mean to you? Another year has passed, and we are one year older. In the past, there wasn’t much I can do as I can only pray that it will be my turn to be recognised or promoted by my supervisor. Now it is entirely different where I have to do things not just for myself but answerable to my employees and it is different ball game altogether.

What does new year mean to you



Every new year company gathering

Every new year without fail, I will gather my colleagues, partners for gathering to celebrate the new year. 2015 had been a tough year for me as my haircut business encountered more competition than before. I asked myself this question, should we forgo the usual gathering to save money? The answer is NO. Though this gathering was a simple dinner with all my colleagues and partners but it is sending a message that regardless of how difficult the road ahead of us, we must still brave through the storm. It is easy to drop the whole thing, and you walk away but how can I answer to this group of people who has their family to feed? A leader has to shoulder the responsibility and lead them out of the tunnel.



What does a new year mean to you - boy crying

Have you fulfilled your new year resolution?

I must admit that 2015 had some misses for me personally, and I cannot ignore the dire economic situation we are in and the number of competition we have. Though I did not meet some of my targets, I will not lose faith rather it will make me stronger to fight this battle ahead of me.

what does a new year mean to you - boxing

What I plan to do for 2016

While the majority of the people will be scared and they will likely reduce their expenses during bad times. However, I will take this opportunity to expand with calculated risk. My reasons are as follows:

  • The rental retail shop will be much cheaper.
  • It will be easier to employ people during bad times.

In fact, the best time to expand your business will be during bad times as your competitors will be thinking of shrinking, but you will do the opposite with the right strategy and timing to eat their market share.


The Wealthy Affiliate program

Since I started Wealthy Affiliate program, I have not been disappointed with the result as I can see my google ranking (some of my posts) are in page 1 Google ranking, and I have some traffic coming into my website. It may not be significant, but it tells me that there is traffic. Unlike other online programs that I signed up previously where I had to pay money to buy traffic but that kind of business cannot sustain as I cannot continue to pay money for pay per click or solo ads continually and the moment I stopped paying, traffic goes down immediately. For your info, this domain name was with me for around one year. I didn’t do anything about it until two months ago I started to work on this domain name. I saw the ranking goes up within the past few weeks, and it is through the teachings I learn from Wealthy Affiliate.


What does a new year mean to you - ranking

In order to get traffic and get page one ranking in Google. There are few things you need to consider.

Choose long tail keyword – as a longer tail keyword will help you get higher ranking in google.

Choose keyword with low competition – only via low competition, you will have a higher chance of getting rank in page one. There is a tool that can help you which I find it very useful. Click here for Jaaxy.

Engage with your audience or readers – every day without fail, I will reply back to my readers for any questions raised pertaining to my posts.

Engage and expand your social media network – I spent around 1 hour per day to engage with people in the similar category. However, I do not want to spend too much time wasting on social media. Hanging out is not social marketing.

Learn the lessons from experts – I joined Wealthy Affiliate and on the daily basis, I will visit activity dashboard and you will see some people blog what they learnt and shared it with us. I picked up several tips from them like Yoast SEO versus All-in-One SEO, Outreach to industry leaders, evidence of some people making money etc. Interest to know more, click here.

My 2016 target for the online project will be reaching out to more people and share my experiences with them. In terms of traffic, I would like to see my traffic grows to around 500 visitors per day. How about you?

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Wish you all the best for 2016.





8 thoughts on “What Does A New Year Mean To You

  1. Ian

    Hi Stanley,

    For me a new year means new opportunities for a fresh perspective on life and Wealthy Affiliate is definitely part of my plans for 2016.

    I intend this year to be one of financial success and personal fulfillment and with the help of WA and all of the wonderful people who make up this community.

    Thanks for the article! It really got me thinking.

    1. Stanley


      Yes, good for you. Wish you success in online business and certainly Wealthy Affiliate is the right place to be in as they provide you continually learning plus you will literally see results if you follow the training closely.

  2. Stacey

    Hi Stanley, I’m happy that you decided to go ahead with your company dinner. I know from experience of being an employee myself that these little sentiments go a long way and are appreciated. Although not everyone likes to attend work dinners or functions for the most part it builds good moral and TEAM vibe. Wishing you all the best for the challenges you face in 2016 – I like your attitude and that you are keeping faith.

    1. Stanley


      Yes, team building via annual dinner is a small gesture but it goes a long way as it foster strong bonds with my colleagues. Being employer, I have to always be concerned about the feelings of my colleagues but at the same time, I will not entertain those trouble makers but I will take care of those who are genuine and true with my company.

  3. theresa

    I too am hoping for more traffic in this new year. I had to take a break from my page for a few months because of my father having a stroke. Can you give me some tips on how to advertise my website without having to spend tons of money? Money is tight right now and I want to start getting traffic to my site to start making money. Any advise?

    1. Stanley

      I did not spend a single cent on traffic for http://wingreatness.com

      My tips will be following the course from Wealthy Affiliate closely and you will definitely get traffic.

      Advertise your website is to spread the news to the world about your website. One of the way will be engaging industry leaders via outreach. I am reaching out to a couple of industry leaders hoping to publish a guest posts in their website that my name, website will have a wide reach. You may want to consider this method. Hope this help.

  4. Alen

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