Stay Focus And Don’t Get Distracted

By | January 15, 2016

Stay focus and don’t get distracted is my motto that I use whenever I chat with any new people who wish to take part in entrepreneurial in the real world or online business.

I have seen so many people doing business whether in real estate or retail or online etc, and they gave up the moment things don’t go their way. Ladies and gentlemen, life is never a bed of roses, and it doesn’t come easy. To win or be successful, you have to make some sacrifices be it time, money and other resources.

I have been in retail business since 2009, and I must admit there are so many distractions along the way. As one of the haircut retail chain shops owner, I have to constantly seek ways to maximise my productivity or simply to increase revenue for my business. Often times,  I realised my discussions within my team always revolve the same old issues and we had been trying to break out of the issues so that we can move ahead to do something bigger but it’s easier said than done. So, my conclusion is better to stay where our value-add is or our strength lies.

Stay focus and don't get distracted


Real world – retail business

I have been running my haircut retail chain for around 6.5 years and along the way my team wanted to move away from haircut to eateries. So, we explored opportunities like fast-food type of making and selling dumplings to selling south-east Asian food in Hong Kong. After exploring for a number of months, we found out that our skills set are not meant for other types of business so we rather put our focus back in core business and look for ways to grow in that area for the time being. There are other ways to grow the business besides going to other trades like expanding into neighbouring territory or form a joint-venture with an overseas partner etc.


Online business

Often times, I see many bloggers or people in online business tend to move from one program to another. I am not saying it is wrong but we wasted too much time learning other programs and overlooked what is the main objective for online business. Bear in mind, we need to always align ourselves what is the main purpose and what we need to achieve at the end of the day. I admit there are many lots of other seemingly attractive online programs out there and maybe some of them are legitimate, but I noticed the successful ones versus the failures is a fine line drawn where they are very focused and discipline. Though they may explore other online programs but I believe they are very quick to either accept the new online program or they quickly throw them away as those programs were not aligned with their overall strategy.

One thing I noticed about people working at home. It is DISCIPLINE. It is so easy to take a break or play computer games or engross in social media thus forgetting what we need to accomplish for the day. Thus, I have laid out a few key items hoping you will benefit from reading this post.


How to create a schedule when working at home

  • Set aside what you need to do for tomorrow

Every night I will spell out the things I need to do for tomorrow so that I can measure these goals by the end of the day and so whether it was accomplished. I know for certain if something crops up on that day then I may not be able to complete all the items but at least, I want to achieve 50% of the things I set out to do. Making sure the following day, I will complete the rest of the items.

Stay focus and don't get distracted - clock

  • Finding time that works for you

I am a morning person and I like to do my work in the morning so that I can spend the rest of the day doing other things. Usually, I will wake up in the morning to tick off the easy stuff like engaging in social media for 1 hour for the purpose of expanding my network. Once that is done, I will work on the main stuff like looking out for affiliate products or trying to look for influencers or looking for training via one of my favourite platform – Wealthy Affiliate.

Stay focus and don't get detracted - procrastinate

  • Set a schedule and don’t procrastinate

Once you have figured out a work schedule for your online business you need to stick to it. It’s far too easy to not stay goal oriented and put in the time it takes to succeed when you don’t have a boss looking over your shoulder.

The problem with this is that once you start to make excuses and take days off you are likely to continue this trend and as a result you will become less productive. When you are trying to launch an online business, and make it successful, taking days off isn’t an option.

You need to work every day, and work hard if you want your business to succeed. Treat your online business like you would any other job you want to succeed at. Show up every day on time, and be prepared to work. If you don’t feel like working one day ask yourself if you would call in sick if you were working a regular job. If you aren’t honestly too sick to call in sick for a regular job, then you definitely aren’t too sick to work on your online business.

You also need to resist the urge to not work whenever something fun comes up. Just because you are your own boss doesn’t mean that there aren’t consequences if you are not a productive employee. The consequences here may not end up with you getting in trouble, they may end up in your online business failing.

Learning how to create a schedule when working from home on your online business is something that you absolutely must master if you want to have any chances to succeed.

If you are a procrastinator or have trouble staying on task then you need to think long and hard before you decide to start an online business. Can you overcome your natural tendencies and stay productive? Can you create a work schedule and make sure that you stick to it?

Hope this article help you in some ways.

Also, I have conducted a review of my number one choice for an online program.

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14 thoughts on “Stay Focus And Don’t Get Distracted

  1. Maurice

    Great name for a great niche, nice job.
    The logo you have picked, did you outsource it or create it yourself? It is just.. awesome man.

    I have a related niche though I touch on different topics. I like the don’t procrastinate stuff. THat is the number 1 reason people fail in my opinion. The way you talk about it is the same way I see it

    1. Stanley


      I picked the domain name myself. I outsourced it to Fiverr to create the logo for me. Yes, people who are in business whether real world or online MUST be very disciplined and organised. Wish you all the best.

  2. Holly

    Hi Stanley,

    This is such a useful and inspiring post… regardless of what industry you are in. You speak such words of wisdom. A lot of people think that working for yourself is easier than being employed but it isn’t! In the long run there are many benefits but perseverance is key especially for the first few years! How long have you been running your own establishment?

    1. Stanley


      Yup, the initial part is always the hardest as it changes your patterns at home. Once, you managed to set aside a daily routine and it accomplished some results then it should be much more easier. However, one still needs to balance between what needs to be done on daily and also do audit check every month or quarter for the progress. My haircut biz has been running for the past 6.5 yrs.

  3. bioelectrobot

    Even if life were a bed of roses, it’s important to remember that ‘every rose has its thorn’.
    You are absolutely correct. Without sacrifice, there really is nothing to gain. I also see people jumping from one program to the other. It’s really sad because they never really make any progress. If one is always seeking the next best thing, then they will never have the foundation needed to establish an online reputation.
    I like your article. This is excellent advice to anyone seeking to start a business, whether online, offline, or both.
    Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Stanley

      Agree with you. Laying a solid foundation is critical in anything you do. In terms of jumping one program to another, unless you know the purpose of each program and able to link them together to see the big picture. However most of us get lost along the way and that is the reason why we need to take small steps at the beginning and slowly progress to take on more things but one should never learn so many things at the beginning.

  4. Luke

    So true what you say here in this article. To make anything successful you need to put in some extended focused energy. It takes a lot of work and you really need to focus on getting things done and not seeming busy. I’ve been hearing a lot of people these days say that you need to focus on one thing at a time to make it successful, your piece here states this well.

    1. Stanley

      Luke, just sharing from my personal experiences and I hope it benefits the readers.

  5. Geraldine

    Great post Stanley!
    It is just a must that we get focused on our goals. I try to put an effort to maintain that focus.

    I really like that “we must align ourselves with what is the main purpose and what we need to achieve at the end of the day.”

    You are very right, and I’m glad I get at least 60% of the things I set out to do for the day done.
    It’s important to do little and tiny bits everyday than do nothing at all.

    I enjoy your posts and your website is nice and simple to navigate.

    Success and Prosperity to you!


    1. Stanley Tee Post author

      Thanks for taking time to read this article. Yes, it is important to take joint down what you are going to do for the following day and fulfill part or all of the items. Not forgetting once a while, you need to take a step back to align whether the daily activities are meeting the overall goals or objectives. See you around and same to you in your success.

  6. Neil

    At the moment, focus isn’t one of my strongest points because of all the distractions at work and at home I have to put up with. I’m trying to build an online business, but it’s far too easy to fall for distractions.

    Thanks for this great article and also for the tips on creating and setting up a schedule which will highly benefit me as I move forward with my business.


    1. Stanley

      Neil, it is so true that many of us get distracted especially in online biz. One way to help us stay focus will be writing down your action items on daily basis to guide you in what you want to achieve on daily/weekly/monthly. All the best.

  7. Roger Hill

    Nothing speaks louder than experience. The lessons you’ve learned and how you learned them are invaluable. I was also impressed by the team input sessions with the staff. Also, a wise move.
    Such depth in such a short article makes this not only inspirational but truly helpful. Attitude is all important and you’ve just adjusted mine. Thanks

    1. Stanley


      Glad that the article has helped to inspire you. Wish you success and hope to see you one day inspiring others. Pay it forward.




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