How Ordinary People Become Extraordinary Leaders – Review


How ordinary people become extraordinary leaders


Title: Truth, Trust + Tenacity. How ordinary people become extraordinary leaders.

Price: $5.95 (Kindle), $14.95 (paperback)
Author: Ritch K. Eich
Overall Rank: 9/10
Who it’s for: Anyone who aspire to be live a better life.


I would like to share this book to whoever that desire to build your own company or desire to live a better life.

Upon reading this book, I want to thank the author for writing in a manner that is candid and the world truly needs to read this book in order to gain back the trust the people once had in their confidence towards the leaders. Unfortunately, there are so many incidents over the years where we find it hard to believe that many of our so call leaders may not be practicing what is right morally rather they practice what is right legally.


What is this book all about?

This book focus on a range of leadership related skills, including compromise, workplace civility, showing respect, the importance of teamwork and marketing.

Civility in the workplace, in particular, is a big issue in business today. The lack of civility in all aspects of public discourse as well as the business world will challenge even the best of today’s managers and leaders. Practically everywhere one looks, the emergence of bad behavior and the disappearance of civility and empathy are evident. Rudeness has become acceptable, social media encourages disrespectful behavior and cyber bullying by allowing people to hide behind a mask and not be held accountable, and television continues to dumb down viewers with frequent displays of poor manners and plain stupidity – all in the name of high ratings!!

Isn’t it time we all demand that our workplace leaders practice the wisdom expressed by President John F. Kennedy in his 1961 inaugural address, that “civility is not a sign of weakness“?

Let me share with you a few quotes that will inspire you to consider purchasing this book.

Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked, leadership is defined by results not attributes.”

True leaders make themselves vulnerable. This requires them to accept responsibility, admit mistakes, accept criticism and coaching, and not adopt the old ‘I am the boss so I always have the right’ attitude. Effective leaders think of themselves as the captain of the team versus allowing themselves to become isolated from the team”.

Real meaning of leadership:

  • Leaders don’t cast blame – they accept responsibility, seek solutions, learn from mistakes and move on.
  • When leaders do make mistake, they exhibit grace. They aren’t afraid to apologize.
  • Leaders let their team shine, they are confident enough to not need the spotlight.

Kindly take a look at the above points. How many bosses today are confident of letting their subordinates shine? When trouble comes, will your bosses push blame on you? It happened to me many times and there were also problems (that I am not fully aware) but I get the blame. Isn’t it true that worst leaders blame others for their lack of performance.

We have many “bosses” but definitely we have very few leaders.

Steps To Become Entrepreneur



  • Inspire the reader to be true leader by living to his/her moral values.
  • This book provides not just theory but practical examples from real people.
  • This book costs around US$5.95 for kindle version which is not expensive.


  • It takes time to read and digest.
  • It does not provide further assistance as it is merely a book which brings to a point that maybe there is a market to set up a coaching program to provide assistance for those who are in the same situation.



Price: $5.95 (Kindle), $14.95 (paperback)

Final verdict

Are you in a situation when you face dilemma whether to speak the truth or continue to live under the shadows of your boss and compromise your moral values?

I was once in that situation where I have to lie and followed along with the instructions and directions that my ex supervisor set to me. Do you want to continue to do the things that you don’t feel comfortable or is it time to stand for what is right. Doing things right may not please the majority but at least you know you get things done properly.

“A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be.”

By Rosalynn Carter

I encourage you to take this time to read this book and be inspired to live your dreams. Do consider purchasing this book.

Buy the book now!

Enjoy reading,

Stanley Tee

Stanley Tee




16 thoughts on “How Ordinary People Become Extraordinary Leaders – Review

  1. Derek Marshall

    Love the page and site idea very inspirational.

    “we are here to help people, to help each other. If you can’t help someone at least don’t do them any damage” His Holiness the Dali Lama.

    Everyone needs their Tenzing Norgay. Greatness is seldom achieved without some help or guidance of someone. Edmund Hillary did not reach the summit of Everest alone, he had Tenzing Norgay as his sherpa. Be somebody’s Tenzing Norgay, also seek out your own Tenzing Norgay.

    1. Stanley Post author

      Fully agree with you. Thanks for sharing this quote from Dali Lama.

  2. Effie

    Hello there!
    This sounds like a great book. It is true that there is a huge difference between bosses and leaders and many people get frustrated unfortunately… It seems like a book that any boss and entrepreneur should read. Very good and in a very good price! Thanks for sharing us this review!

    1. Stanley Post author

      Yes, it is definitely a book for anyone who is a supervisor or aspire to be one. No doubt, BOSS will push the blame on his/her subordinates when things do wrong but leaders will say, “we learn from our mistakes and let’s move on.” Under different leadership will yield different results from subordinates. One condemns while the other motivates.

  3. Riaz Shah

    Hello again Stanley,
    Truth Trust Tenacity is just what I needed! I’m leading a team of 12 but non of my team mates want to listen to me and this is so annoying.

    I’m not sure what I did wrong, why are they not respecting me? Do I really need to be ruthless in order to be respected? Can’t wait to get my hands on this book. cheers

    1. Stanley Post author

      Riaz, you are already a leader with the fact that you are leading a team of 12 people. A great leader not only give command but he listens as well. Knowing you are already on your way to success for online biz means you are a good listener and a teachable student.

      Not sure about your case but if I may give a few scenarios and suggestions:

      1. This group of 12 people are very close to each other and they have already gang up together to do what they want. Basically they are a force to be reckon with.

      If you are in this situation then allow me to propose a divide and conquer approach. From the team of 12, find their weakest link and be friend with the person to find out what exactly is going on and why they are not so co-operative with you.

      2. If the group is not that close to each other then you can ask for a 3rd party to conduct a 360 degree feedback from your staff to ask questions about you as a leader. Make sure the 3rd party gives you full picture so that you know how to tackle the situation.

      There is never a definite answer to a problem but knowing the background of the issue then use the appropriate solution will be effective. I feel for you bro as I know it is never easy to manage a team and let alone you are constantly guessing what are they trying to do. As long as you maintain your ethics, integrity where your team cannot fault you then eventually truth will be out. Also not sure whether there is a respect issue or not. As long as you respect them and their ideas, they too will respect you.

      Hope this helps,

  4. Christian

    As I search for way to improve and better myself on both a personal and professional level, I think that this book is exactly what I need right now. I’m sure that anyone can benefit from reading it, self improvement is vital to well being. Thanks for the great review!

    1. Stanley Post author

      Thank you Christian. Enjoy reading the book. Most important is you will realize there are so many real stories inside this book and how some of the leaders under certain stress yet maintain their moral values. Not many people can do that…..

  5. bioelectrobot

    This is a great article. We really do need more people who are willing to speak up for the sake of basic human rights. There is too much discrimination and plenty of power struggles within the corporate world. This need not be the case. If all are working together for the same goal, then why must there be discord, discontent, etc. I believe the reason is that some people just want to be on the top and push around those “under” them. We are all empowered to decide how we are going to think. The hard part is putting those thoughts into action. I agree that doing the right thing is always best, regardless of the consequences. The reason I say this is because I would rather be an outcast and impoverished than be a person of societal and monetary importance who is doomed to suffer from a guilty conscience. Thanks for the great review.

    1. Stanley Post author

      Thank you for taking the time to read this review. Yes, I agree with you that there are plenty of power struggles within the corporate world and especially if you are climbing up the ladder. It is only those who want to leave a legacy will not participate in compromising their core values in order to attain their status and wealth for a temporary period. You don’t have to be impoverished and outcast if you choose to live your dreams. You can still live your dreams and be successful in pursuing your passion so long you don’t waiver and stick to plans. Just remember, tell yourself what are you doing on the daily basis to achieve that dream. Take little steps every day and you will be there. While you are still alive, do something before it is too late. Just DO it and take action!

  6. Daria

    Looks interesting book to read.

    But I want to express my admiration of your honest verdict, to admit that you had certain situations where you had to lie.

    The main idea that no one has to be in such a situation and now; this moment is the time to stand for what you believe it is the right thing to do or follow.

    Thank you for introducing this book; will consider reading it very soon.

    1. Stanley Post author


      Yup, I had to admit what I had done was wrong. Though I am reluctant to admit but it is good for me to move on and live a purposeful life. Yes, indeed this book brings out the real stories, and you will see some people during stressful times able to bring out their character, and they did not fear from being disapproved or dislike by the majority. They stood their ground for their moral values. I salute these people.

  7. Molly

    I think there are leadership qualities in many more of us than we realize or have been conditioned to believe. How many of us have been frustrated by the seeming inaction or incompetence of our bosses and felt that we could do better? This book explains in great clarity how we can all find it in ourselves to be so much better, and it is well worth a read.

    1. Stanley Post author


      Yes, indeed it is definitely worth reading and you can see how ordinary people emerge as leaders by practising or upholding their core values. So many leaders especially working in the corporate world compromise their values and we truly need leaders who will stand up for what is right or simply morally right. They will not pressured by influential people or peer pressure to make them change. I lose respect for people who compromise their values.

  8. Javier

    Hi Stanley,
    Thanks for the recommendation, I really enjoy learning and try to improve myself every time I get the chance, I am working on getting rid of my vices, and I have seen that if I target a part of my life that needs attention, somehow my entire life and circumstances change, I hope I can get that from your recommended reading.

  9. Chris


    Great Review

    I am always interested in reading reviews on books that people have actually read.

    I agree that civility in the workplace definitely needs to be considered and it seems that this book covers this very well and in depth.

    I look forward to reading this one.



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