How Do You Find Your Purpose and Passion In Life?

By | January 2, 2016

How do you find your purpose and passion in life? I believe most of us would only seriously look at this question when we are old and about to die. Often times, we asked ourselves this question but we choose to ignore them as we have expenses to pay and we can’t really live our dreams and identify our purpose in life. As a result, most of us just do what was being told by their supervisors and overlooked their real purpose in life.


How I found my purpose and passion in life

I found my purpose and passion while I was setting up my own businesses. Both companies are into service sectors. They are providing a service to my clients. One of them was a problem-solving issue where I received tonnes of complaints from my clients and I had to find a solution to solve them. Along the way, I tried to look for alternative solutions, and I was glad to be able to provide a modified solution with a more cost effective solution to my clients till this date. From there, I realised something about myself that one of my passion is to help my customers solve the most critical issues or problems.

Are You Making A Difference


When I set up my haircut shop and as I learnt from Robert Kiyosaki’s books. I discovered the importance of having a higher calling in setting my company’s mission. (Click here to read more about my company’s mission). I was thinking what would my company’s mission be as this was just a haircut business. I didn’t have the mission for a number of months until one day while I was in church, and I saw the video about a ministry who was helping the elderly people. It CLICKED! In my mind, I said this will be my company’s mission. So, I called up my church pastor, and I told him that I will be offering a free haircut to elderly people on a quarterly basis. He agreed readily, and that was how my company’s mission was set.

Something I didn’t share with you. My first charity haircut was little awkward to me as I didn’t know most of the elderly people. As we progressed into several quarters, I began to open up and chatted with the elderly people. From then on, our relationship started to grow and I know deep down in my heart, I received a very comforting feeling whenever I see the elderly people walked away from church premise with a refreshing look as they received the free haircut from us. The wonderful thing about this charity is the warmth that you received from them, their sincerity in wanting to thank you (some of the elderly people after receiving the haircut would walk up to me and thank me despite their walking difficulties). They thought I am doing them a favour but in fact, they helped me to identify what is my purpose in life! I should thank them for helping me to identify my purpose in life.

The picture above (top left-hand side) was an old lady sitting beside me. Her name was Madam Tam when we took the picture in 2013 when she was 100-year-old. She passed away peacefully in Mar 2014. When she was alive, I could not tell that she was already 100 years old as she could hear me clearly and I didn’t have the raise my volume when I talked to her.

Till this day, we still provide quarterly free haircut to the elderly people. Every time, I would think of Madam Tam whenever my staff was cutting hair for elderly people during the charity work. I would make a point to take pictures with several of elderly people whenever I had the opportunity as I don’t know whether I can see them in subsequent quarters. Sad but true. Most of them are around 90 over years old.

Are You Making A difference - hairstylist

Are You Making A Difference - Elderly

I started volunteering in 2013 after I was fired by my ex-employer. I volunteered via Singapore Association in Hong Kong.

How do you find your purpose and passion in life - SAHK



I wrote this short message back in Nov 2013 and my purpose for Singapore Association was to help Singaporeans organise events so that they will feel at home even though we are away from our country. Secondly, my next objective is to reach out to the younger generation like Gen Y as I felt that we have left them out.

In 2015, I am happy that we (Singapore Association) finally reached out to the Singapore undergrads living in Hong Kong. We managed to co-organise a Singapore Night with one of the universities in Hong Kong, City University, to promote Singapore culture. I was lucky to invite one of Singapore film director together with a Hong Kong actor to support this event.


How do you find your purpose and passion in life - student event

How do you find your purpose and passion in life - Singapore Night

Above are the above real life examples that I have shown you with regard to how I managed to identify my purpose and passion in life. Now, we need to talk about how to help you identify what’s yours?


How do you find your purpose and passion in life?

Before we go into the bolts and nuts, I would like to invite you to watch this short 10 min youtube from Adam Leipzig where he simply explain how we can do it.

If you are able to answer the below 5 steps then you have identify your purpose and passion in life.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do?
  3. Who you do it for?
  4. What do they want or need?
  5. How do they change as a result?

In conclusion, it is not about us rather it is about how we serve others. No matter how much wealth you have, it will not be yours when you move on in life.

“Don’t just aspire to make a living but aspire to make a DIFFERENCE!”  Quote from Denzel Washington

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27 thoughts on “How Do You Find Your Purpose and Passion In Life?

  1. David

    That’s good stuff – too many people don’t know their purpose in life. They go through life never finding what the true meaning of life is. Then at the death bed they start thinking what the purpose of their life was! so sad – but so real. Many settle for average, ordinary jobs because they don’t know what else to do. Great read

    1. Stanley


      Thank you for taking the time to read this article. It is truly a self-reflection on us and I hope more people will be aware and have a serious thought about what they need to do moving forward.

  2. Sammi

    What a really interesting post.

    It’s great you’ve found something you love doing and helping people at the same time. I love your charity haircut idea! So many businesses could do a little extra like this to help their community but they don’t. I bet the people you offer this service to are so touched by the thought and very appreciative!

    Some people spend a lifetime going from job to job not knowing what they want to do.

    I look forward to reading more.


    1. Stanley


      I was like that moving from job to job. I believe it is like many of us not knowing what to do. However, I had this determination to strive out on my own and I am not afraid of failures – of course calculated risk. Life is too short and unpredictable, if we don’t venture

  3. Carlton Gonder

    Hi Stanley,
    Thank you for taking the time to share a great read on your purpose in life. Truly, you have done many amazing things throughout your life to get where you are today. How much of a role has Wealthy Affiliate played in your online business?
    Yours Truly,

    1. Stanley


      Thanks for your encouragement.

      For WA online program, I have just started since late Oct 2015. Basically, I am sharing my experiences to the readers. Hope it will spur more people to live their dreams and be bold in what they want to do rather than living in someone else’s life.

  4. Lee Zhi Wei

    Hey there

    You have laid out a great article relating to finding purpose. To a curious human being like me who’s always on the lookout for new discovery, its of much help.

    It is really amazing how our brain operates. Every morning you wake up with memories of yesterday’s. I’m more of a looking-backwards kind of person & lives on memories, how about you?

    Thanks for the Info!
    Zhi Wei

    1. Stanley

      Zhi Wei,

      Thanks for taking the time to read this article. Looking back is kind of reflection and for me, it is more for showing my gratitude towards those who have helped me and I will reflect on those incidents. However, I am more of a forward looking person as I will always position myself what I will do for the day and set goals for the week and month so that I can achieve what i aim for. Hope this help.

  5. Brandy

    Wow. I really enjoyed this. First off, let me say I admire the work that you have done. It is wonderful that you have given back and we able to open up to the elderly.
    Second of all, you really made me think about my purpose. I don’t think that is something that as many people think about as they should.
    Really well done! Thank you for this.

    1. Stanley


      Thank you for your kind words. i am just one of the many where I believe there are many out there who live their dreams as well. I am glad that this article causes you to think about what is the purpose in your life. I hope you will find your purpose and fulfill them during your lifetime. Good luck.

  6. TheDopestMatrix

    Finding your purpose in life is really important, but one thing Ive found is if you dont know what it is, do something that you like that involves helping others out. Eventually doing that you will open yourself up to more ooportunities to really figure out who you are as a person.i think its great that you wrote this, really well done.

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    1. Stanley

      Yup, it is via helping others where one will truly find real meaning in life. It is a very a satisfying feeling.

  7. Alen

    Hi there
    I have looked through and read your profile and found that the home page with great content, I read through everything else and it is really really good and very informative so well done on that great website.
    I have a seek dad and i believe your website and article help me to know how i find my purpose and passion in life

    1. Stanley


      It is so wonderful to hear words of encouragement. I hope you will fulfill your dream and do something meaningful in your life.

      Many pursue wealth and power but all these will pass away and only leaving a legacy behind by doing good works so that others will sing praises of you to next generations will last much longer – have a purpose in life.

  8. ariefw

    I think I have to find my higher calling. For now, I just want me and my wife to be at home parents for our daughter.

    That’s why I started my online journey. I needed a way to get out from my 8 to 5 job that drained my energy every day. Making me tired and can’t play with my daughter as much as I want.

    Thank you for boosting my morale. You are an inspiration! Keep it up! I love to drop by if I ever go to HongKong.

    1. Stanley

      Yup, I was like you when I was struggling to get out of rat-race. Keep it up and don’t lose faith. Through persistence and lessons learnt, you will definitely be on the other side. You will never want to look for another job once you are on the other side.

  9. Marie

    Hi Stanley I really like your idea to link your business into supporting the community in that way. I have also worked in the charity and service sector and when I made the decision to develop my own business I was worried that I would lose this community aspect – I guess I thought it was one or the other.

    However as I began reading about famous entrepreneurs and the secrets of their success there was a link between many of their stories. It was the way they prioritised serving others as much as developing their own business. The more holistic they were in their business the stronger the business became. It was a real eye opener to me and totally altered the way I thought about business and making money, I realised you could do both and not compromise who you were in the process.

    Just as you have shown in this article, so thanks for sharing it is great to read.

    1. Stanley


      Amen to that. Yes, it is setting of company’s mission that links to purpose of doing community. In this manner, it will likely make your company last longer, survive through the storms as there are higher calling to just making money alone. Glad you are able to see the linkage and wish you success.

  10. Renee Townsend

    Wonderful endeavors, Stanley! I just finished a course called Rural Leadership that talks about being a servant leader in my community. There are so many unfulfilled needs in each community. It seems the world is looking for those special individuals to step up to the plate. Thanks for sharing your story.

    1. Stanley


      To be a leader respected by your peers is to be willing to dirty your hands, shoulder the blame and responsibility from your team. I have seen so many “so call” leaders but their actions are telling me that they are just another person who act like a boss but they are not willing to shoulder the blame rather they push the blame to others and they are very typical – not willing to lead by example by dirtying their hands.

      They miss the whole point. One who is a true leader is to serve others first and not the other way round.

  11. Steph

    Really interesting post! I love the story of Madam Tam and I think free haircuts for the elderly is a wonderful thing to do.

    I really love seeing people who are passionate about helping others. It seems to be getting more and more rare these days.

    Very interesting video as well. I actually learned a lot reading this and watching the video – thanks for sharing!

    1. Stanley


      Thanks for taking the time to read this posts. Life is short and we should do our part while we are still alive on this earth.



  12. KidsWorldSoccerDad

    Hi Stanley,
    Great information to get people thinking about before it’s too late. For me, finding purpose has always been a challenge. I’ve always worked for others and have been very dedicated in my career but that has always left little time for me to find my purpose instead of supporting someone else’s purpose.
    Through career turmoil, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on my purpose and how I can apply my abilities to serve others. Sometimes a little shale-up in life can be a good thing as it can open one’s mind.
    This is very powerful information. Keep up the great work!

    1. Stanley

      Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, we have to go through some shake up in our lives before we realize we need to focus on core keys things to do rather than live for someone else’s life. Don’t give up until you find what is real purpose in your life.

  13. Scott G.

    Charity haircut is a great idea! I know of a local church that does this from time to time. You are fortunate to have found your purpose. The best thing you can do is continue to share it and help others do the same. I have struggled in the past to really find my way. It can be a tough battle.

    1. Stanley


      Yes, I am fortunate to identify the purpose in life. Continue to pursue your dream and purpose – Don’t give up.



  14. Simon Crowe in Asia

    It’s great to meet a fellow entrepreneur who loves Robert Kiyosaki’s books as much as I do 🙂

    I read his books when I was 18 and started my first online business not long after. Although it didn’t succeed in the end, it ot me started.

    You ask very good questions that will help anyone find their purpose in life. It comes from helping others!

    Today I am grateful for my life. I earn a full-time living online and spend my time helping give slum children a brighter future in Thailand. Helping others is the way to a truly satisfying and fulfilling life.


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