How Do You Deal With Being Fired?

By | December 2, 2015

How do you deal with being fired? I remembered back in Dec 2012 when I received the notice that I was fired by my ex-employer.  Definitely, it wasn’t a great experience to have and I am pretty sure many of us who suffered the same experience may not have the guts to share with the public, let alone with your relatives and friends that you are fired by your employer. Most of us will face unnecessary pressures and end up asking you to resign, instead of the employer firing you.

How Do You Deal With Being Fired?

  • Instead of engaging a lawyer to sue the employer and seeking for more compensation. I focus my attention to building my business and doing positive things like volunteering to help the community.
  • No doubt there will be hatred and anger with your ex-supervisor especially you know it was out of personal grudges that he/she managed to convince the top management to remove you. It takes time to let this hatred and anger to heal.
  • Don’t seek revenge against the person who harmed you instead focus your attention to make your life become successful so that the success in you will exhibit to your surrounding friends, neighbors. Naturally your success will be the greatest revenge as the person who try to harm you will be surprised and jealous of your success.  It may end up the top management who reviewed your case upon seeing your success may end up removing the person who fired you!


How Do You Deal With Being Fired


This is my personal opinion in terms of how I dealt with being fired. We have our all time favorite, Mr Steve Jobs who was fired once by his own company, Apple Computer. I hope those who were affected will strive to make a better life rather than channel your energy to harm that individual. Eventually, the truth will be out especially you know that you had done nothing wrong and you were contributing to the company.

If you are still unconvinced about the above statements, I will share with you more about my unfair treatment. I was fired without giving me a valid reason except the reason was given to me, “you are fired as your performance is 3% below your budget”. This was definitely an excuse as my colleagues were performing worst than me and I was given a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) to buck up else I will be removed within the specify time frame.  To make matter worst, I was compensated a very small fraction of my 14 yrs of service. The compensation was based on country’s employment law and they paid based on lowest salary category. I still remember my ex-supervisor warned me not to divulge this information to others. Clearly it was a threat and bullying act that my ex-employer was exhibiting, but I did not take it personally, which I could. However, I let my success do the talking and in the month of Aug 2014, my name was published in Singapore’s main page. Let me assure you, this is just the beginning and I will continue to strive to make my life better and of course, given a chance, I will share with our media more insights.

How Do You Deal with Being Fired - Group Picture

Straits Times – top story 3rd Aug 2014


Instead of dreaming of joining the best company or reporting to a boss who will value your talents. Why not consider living your own dreams and take action. I have written a page on reviewing a particular online program and it is worth considering.


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19 thoughts on “How Do You Deal With Being Fired?

  1. Lynne

    Great advice here. I had to retrench someone a little while back and instead of trying to change her situation she became vindictive and ugly with me.
    It is very sad because she could have taken what she learned working with me and made a difference in her life. Negativity breeds negativity!
    When one door closes another one (or two) always open. It really is important to jump at a opportunity when you get the chance.
    Great article!

    1. Stanley

      Yup, thank you for the comments. Hope your ex colleague will “wake up” one day and be positive rather than spend her energy in doing something which will eventually harm herself down the road.

  2. Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    Hello Stanley , to answer your question .. I go on and kill the boss immediately if that happens

    …No , just kidding.But I also hate to work for others that is why I chose to become an entrepreneur.

    Exactly as you say , your success will be the greatest revenge.No need to get in trouble and law suits.

    Too bad you had this bad experience , an unfair decision on your performance.Did you speak with your accountant for their compensation?

    What you mean your name was published on the Singapore’s main page?

    Thanks for sharing this personal story.

    1. Stanley

      You are a joker. Ha ha. I attach a file which is the Singapore main newspaper call the Straits Times which was published on 3rd Aug 2014. The Straits Times journalist interviewed me at that time and ask me why I am still staying in Hong Kong and I gave her my answers. The journalist published the article and I was very happy as I am aware my ex supervisor was very stress to see that article. Some of the shareholders and a few top mgmt were curious how did a person who can make in setting up his biz yet got fired for poor performance. Doesn’t sound logical. I leave it to my ex supervisor to fabricate the story and obviously it was a different version from mine.

  3. Barrack

    Great post you’ve got here. I have been fired twice by my ex-employers and i just wish i had found your website then. It would have helped me a lot since i got so much depressed and i had to take care of my two sisters. Your post is very informative and well researched on and am sure it’s going to help a lot of people out there…i just wish i could read more. It’s short

    1. Stanley


      Ok next time I will dwell deeper and I will assure you it will be very emotional cos I can write a book on that topic alone. Let me assure you, I have been tortured mentally for quite some time and I have to tolerate during that period until I am able to break free. No more reporting to under-performing, political animal. Let your talent shine and show to the world what you are worth.

  4. Riaz Shah

    Hey Stanley,
    This is a great way to fight your emotions. I remember last time when I got fired, I was so depressed I kept myself in my room for a month. I realised I was succumbing to my emotions because to them I was merely a number, a dispensable one.

    Only after that did I have the will to start something new and prove them wrong but it took me a very long time to get back on my feet and I wasted a lot of time. I wished that I would have found your article sooner, hope you can help many others escape this situation. Sometimes we need to find out own reasons to get back up when life thrown boulders at us right. cheers!

    1. Stanley


      Thanks for the kind words. I am happy to see you back on track bro.


    I can totally relate to your experience because I was once in the same situation. I was complacent before I was laid off and worst there was a ton of liabilities like a hosing loan, car loan, children education and a domestic helper.
    I was angry with my boss at that time and was totally caught by surprise. Really didn’t know what to do. If I had shifted my energy into starting my online business, then being angry it would have given me a earlier head start.
    Great stuff you have there

  6. Engen

    I think a lot of people can relate to this topic. I am one of them I had been let go in May after 9 years with my former employer. I was one of the top performers but since I would try to come up with new ideas and solve problems it would cause extra work but would save money and time after finished. The people I worked with didn’t like doing the upfront work so I ended up being let go. To be honest it was the best thing that happened to me because I took my own future in my hands and am now my own boss.

  7. Eileen

    Hi Stanley,

    This is a very good message. It is so painful to be fired and it is more difficult when it is for unjust reasons! Your advice is very good. We should take the negative experience as an opportunity to do great things we couldn’t have done otherwise.

    Thank you!


    1. Stanley

      Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, we should take the opportunity to do more positive things when we are still alive as compare to doing nothing or blaming the person who harmed you.

  8. Jolita

    I think this article is in a right place and time for me now as I went through this experience before. It is not a pleasant experience whatsoever.

    I had a lot of anger inside because of the way I was fired, like just firing itself is not a hurtful experience enough. My ex-employer told many hurtful and personal things when firing me. I got through this anger now and the only thing I can do is succeed like no one could ever imagine I could. I have plenty of time for that now, thanks to my ex-employer. I guess a bad situation is not actually a bad situation in the end. You have a great chance to improve and change your life.

    1. Stanley


      Yes, I understand how you feel right now as I was fired couple of years ago. I was fired based on groundless reasons and it was personal between my ex-supervisor and myself.

      However, allow me to highlight one thing for you. Pls don’t have a revenge mindset on your ex-supervisor as it is not worth the thought at all. Instead, just focus on what you need to do to prove to yourself in terms of ability to setup your own biz and eventually create jobs for others.

      Let your success do the talking.

      Note: After I left the last employment, I was told that they were not able to close any deals the moment I left. Now they are totally relying on my past deals to survive. It is so pathetic and incapable when you hear the news yet my ex-supervisor’s boot licking skills is damn good where she managed to get promoted despite her inability to lead the team to win deals and moreover terminations are on-going. Top mgmt of certain MNCs may not be looking at performances rather they favor over others based on how they boot lick them. So sad and pathetic yet TRUE.

  9. Luis Rodriguez

    Great article, there is always someone that will give negative feedback about you to your boss, especially if they see potential in you and they know that you can do even better then them, i think staying away from these types of people is way better than staying with them anyway.

    1. Stanley


      Amen. Fully agree with you. Only stick with people who will build people up and not tear people down. Life is too short and we want to mix with people with positive energy not the negative ones.

  10. Fadhil


    Wow, it is a very interesting and inspiring story you have here.

    As a person who tries to make a full-time income online, your stories give me a lot of strength and inspiration to continues what I have started.

    It must be so hard for you to face all the difficulties and obstacles to become a man you are now.

    All your experience are very precious and all your advice should be taken seriously for people who want to succeed in whatever field they wanted to.

    1. Stanley


      It was never easy but it pushed me further and stronger thereby forcing me to be successful. I dont know what are your conditions, but certainly, those with the business acumen will strive to make his/her company to survive to stay afloat no matter what.

      Keep trying and pursue your dreams.

      All the best,



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