Fulfill Your Dreams Before You Die

By | December 29, 2015

Fulfill your dreams before you die is something I always have in mind. Many of us have dreams unfulfilled and till the day we pass away, we only live with regrets. Those who died had their regrets because they knew by the time they wanted to live their dreams, it was often too late.

Do you have any unfulfilled dreams that you want to pursue?

Few years ago, I watched this video from Steve Jobs giving a speech to Stanford University students. Personally, I liked this video and every time I watched this video. It will remind me of things that I haven’t do.

Stay Foolish and Stay Hungry

I am not going to repeat what Mr Steve Jobs had mentioned in his speech, but I would like to draw your attention to a few things.



Fulfill your dreams - girl crying


  • Are you going to live someone else’s life?

When I was working in the corporate world, I used to win some new deals but interesting for me was my ex-supervisor would have the audacity to take the accounts from my team and gave it to other teams. Reasoned for transferring the accounts away was mainly to lighten my burden!!! Every year, my colleagues in other teams would have an easier life while I had to keep winning new deals. Do I want to continue to live in someone else’s life? NO WAY.


Fulfill your dream - hearing



  • Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice, heart and intuition

Whenever you try to do something to follow your heart, there will be people who will give you advice why you should not do it. When I wanted to start my haircut business, I sought consultation from my mother, uncle, friends and relatives. Let me tell you, most of them said not to do it as there were too many competitors and the market leader had already penetrated with high market share. Fortunately, I did not heed their advice, and I went ahead to do what was in my heart and mind. In the end, I am glad that my business took off, and I am still surviving to this day without a job.



Fulfill your dream - don't let someone

We are so tuned to having employee mindset where we are affected by what others say about us. Let’s recap when was the last time you received feedback from others who criticised you? I learnt from my lessons that there were few things in common when people criticised you.

  1. They push through their selfish agenda so that you will do things according to their plan.
  2. They are jealous of your achievements.
  3. No doubt, some very helpful people gave constructive feedback. Sadly, not many and hard to find genuine ones.

Let me share my experiences, majority of the people fall into category 1 and 2. Seriously, I have been a volunteer for Singapore Association in Hong Kong and as a volunteer, we don’t receive any monetary gains, but we sacrificed our time and effort to organise events for our countrymen.  Yet, I received multiple complaints, and I thought I did something wrong but as I looked back. It was purely because – I am NOT a YES man to a certain group of people who have selfish agenda in mind, period.

As I shared in my previous article, there are two main types of people. Either you are result oriented or people oriented. Like it or not, if you want to live your dreams, you need to focus on the results! Often result oriented and pleasing people are opposing each other.

Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked, leadership is defined by results not attributes.”        Author: Ritch K. Eich

You can locate this book from my review.

Obviously, I am not advocating that we should offend people and ignore them entirely. What I meant is regardless which type of personality you possess, we just need to choose our friends carefully. Birds of feather flock together.

Don’t be easily swayed by their words to convince you to do things. Think carefully and analysed back what they said and what they had done. Look at the end result and who get the most benefit.



Fulfil your dream - freedom


  • Fulfill your dreams. You have nothing to lose

Yup, you have nothing to lose since you know you are going to die one day. Either you choose security or freedom. Why not take a plunge and live your dream? As an entrepreneur, I often had many obstacles in front of me. Many new problems occur, and I don’t have a Q&A book to help me. Problems like employees were fighting amongst themselves due to miscommunications, employees suing me for their disputed last salary, employees refusing to work or late for work, new competitors appearing near my shops and priced much lower than mine. Do I let these things bother me and I give up? No, I don’t, I just moved on and learnt from every mistake so that similar mistakes don’t happen again.

For new entrepreneurs or going to start entrepreneurs, there will always have this fear, “how am I going to get income to feed my family?” Yes, it is a serious concern, and I always have this thought as well. However, I won’t let this thought overpower me and end up taking up a job. I will think of ways like seeking 2nd income or new business or lowering my expenses, and I won’t want to go back to corporate life again. If you have this spirit and desire to strike it out and live your passion and dreams then I would say to you, the chance is very high for you to succeed. Every day you will think of doing something to meet that goal and eventually one day it will be your turn to shine. Only quitters will get out the moment they faced some challenges. Are you going to fulfill your dreams or are you going to quit when tough time comes?



Note: If anyone decides to resign from his/her job without any income, kindly read this article first.

In conclusion, no one knows the future, but it has been proven time and again. Fortune favours the bold. I leave this quote to you.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read this article and if it inspires you, do LIKE my page in social media. If possible, kindly drop me some comments.

Truly appreciate,



10 thoughts on “Fulfill Your Dreams Before You Die

  1. Katia

    Hi Stanley,

    Thanks for taking the time to write this article, it’s pretty much exactly what I’ve learned over the last year or so of my short almost 24 years on this earth.

    I used to always do what my family wanted me to do because they were too scared by the idea of following your passions that weren’t lucrative, like being a doctor, or a teacher, or a lawyer. I went to the University of Sydney – one of the best unis in Australia, it’s the oldest – and I finished up a Bachelor of Science with a Neuroscience major.

    And what did I do for work after I finished my degree? I got a full time job in Administration. And was I happy? Somewhat. I got paid super well for a 22/23 year old, and I did a fantastic job, but it’s not what I want to do with the rest of my life, even though my family wanted me to pursue this avenue of employment.

    Instead I’ve decided to go to fashion/textiles school, keep doing my stand up comedy, write my book, play my drums, but that’s enough about me! But it doesn’t matter how determined you are to follow your dreams, articles like this always help keep your soul quiet and focused.

    Thanks again for the post, and all the best!

    Katia 🙂

    1. Stanley


      Hope you can pursue your dreams despite the pressures you face from your family members. Nothing beats fulfilling your desire and dreams. Once you over at the other end, your parents will eventually understand and agree to who you are and what you really want. I have seen that before. Life is short, live your life to the fullest.

  2. Deanna Martin

    Hi, I like your site. It is clean and easy to follow, not a lot of clutter. I especially liked your post about your barber shop. I could relate as I owned my own hair salon and day spa for many years. It’s not as easy as it seems. But good site, just keep adding posts and much future success. Deanna

    1. Stanley


      Thank for taking the time to read my article. Thanks for compliment to my website. Glad to know that we are in the same trade – haircut biz. Definitely, running haircut biz is not easy…..but it is still worth as I am living my dreams. Once again, thank you for taking the time to read this article.

  3. ImaDesigner

    Hi, there.

    Awesome article. Thanks a lot for the video you shared, it’s a great motivational speech by Steve Jobs. Following your dreams and trusting your guts is always the key to success.
    Everyone has the potential to create his own opportunities and carve his future, the only thing we have to do is the trust our instincts and work hard to achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

    Keep sharing valuable lessons like this.

    1. Stanley


      Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, guts and instincts are critical to making decisions in your life. Also, bear in mind if you know your life on earth in unknown and we know for a fact that we will die one day – why dont we make best use of our time on this earth?

  4. Luke

    Hi Stanley,
    Great message here.
    For a lot of people the 9-5 grind is just an advanced form of slavery!
    I certainly feel that way and I know that I will make my online business a success eventually…I can just feel it.
    Congratulations to you for making it as an entrepreneur!
    It must be very satisfying knowing that you don’t need to rely on a “boss” anymore.
    – Luke

    1. Stanley


      Certainly it is very satisfying not to be employee again as I realise they are just wasting my time. Not all supervisors are bad but I see the trend that many of them compromise their core values in order to keep their job. it may not affect them immediately but down the road, they will know who they really are and what character they exhibit.

  5. Netta

    Hey Stanley…

    Thanks for the uplifting read. It is always a truth that when you step off the regular road to “success” that others are following faithfully, you will get a lot of negative feedback. I suppose it is one of the prices you pay for trying to live your own life.

    Many times the people who are nay-sayers really do care about you and they worry about you. They want the very best life for you and they are convinced that they are following the best/right/real way and you are going to crash and burn.

    The only way you can convince them that your way is good and you will be fine is to go do what you are called to do. (Even then, some of them will wonder aloud whether you’re ever going to get a “real job.” Hee!)

    Never mind…go anyway.

    1. Stanley


      Thanks for reading this article. Life is too short to care about other’s opinion. We just have a live a meaningful life. As for me, I would rather live a purposeful and meaningful life who can touch the lives of others and show an example to my next generation. I will not succumb to pressures of reporting to boot licking supervisors and many of them I would deem as non-performers but they are really good at apple polishing. No point to waste my time with them and spend my energy to help them.


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