Core values – Trust, ethics, integrity, loyalty is it still valid?

By | November 24, 2015

Often times, we worked in companies which state their core values like integrity, ethics, customer satisfaction and etc. How often these companies truly live up to it? Are the core values still valid in the respective companies?

I realize it is more like “BS” where most people are not practicing what the core values of the company uphold. Instead, they practice a “common core value” regardless of which company you work in, but I can assure you that this “core value” will not be a surprise to many. Being able to please your supervisor or boot licking is a common practice among the savvy employees especially seasoned players.

Core values - character

There are many examples I can share regarding the fact that including myself when I was working as an employee where I failed to lift the core values like honesty, integrity, ethics…. I had to say certain things which were against my principles in order to survive where I was worried that I might lose my job if I didn’t follow the instructions set out by my ex-supervisor.

Definitely, I didn’t feel comfortable during those times and right now given the fact that I left the corporate world where I don’t need to say or do things against my principle or against my own core values.

If you want to maintain core values like ethics, honest, integrity, loyalty and others, it will be extremely difficult to practice them if you are working with your supervisors and top management who practice boot licking. Maybe there are some companies who will maintain their company’s core values but usually these companies are owned by the founder who has strong leadership skills and believes in maintaining strong principles and he/she will not tolerate any “BS” or boot licking around. In that aspect being able to work under this type of company as you will realize in the long run, the type of business owner or founder will take care of his/her employees. As compare to a political MNCs. Most MNCs will see employees as a number or headcount not as a human. They will fire you once they don’t need your service or they have to reduce expenses for the coming shareholders meeting.

Kindly visit this page if you want to consider moving to next step and take action.

Also, I have written a review about a book that relates to working life yet still able to maintain integrity, ethics from various people.


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7 thoughts on “Core values – Trust, ethics, integrity, loyalty is it still valid?

  1. Duane Clark

    Brilliant Piece. at first I was concerned it might be too short but I now realize you wrote only what needed to be written.

    I agree 100% with you Stanley, I find it very uncomfortable when i’m expected to compromise on my principles and beliefs… This is definitely not a sign of a company that values its employee’s.

    Thanks for the piece.


    1. Stanley


      Thanks for the comments. I was suffering like mad when I was working under such environment. Certainly, I never want to look back and we should encourage those who are still suffering from being compromise in their core values to urge them to get out and live the life they want.

  2. nlincoln712

    I tend to agree with you Stanley. Although I am a firm believer that the company core values start from the top of the chain. Managers and supervisors cannot expect their direct reports to live the core values if they do not practice those values themselves. Personally, I try have a open lines of communication with my direct reports. I encourage them to come to me directly if they have any issues or see something that doesn’t jive with our company values. The other half of that is swift follow-up action once something has been brought to my attention.

    Once employees realize that their voices are heard, they are more likely to be further engaged. Everything starts at the top.

    1. Stanley Post author

      Amen to that. There is a chinese saying, if the top is crooked then the rest of subordinates will also do likewise.

      Unfortunately, we don’t have many top level management these days who truly practises core values or their integrity is questionable given the fact that they are receiving high salary packages. It is not easy for them to leave the lucrative job for the sake of maintaining high integrity.

  3. Benjamin

    Billy Graham who gets paid how much for his tours is teaching about ethics? Pretty sure he’s worth more than $25 million which is pretty good since he’s a career pastor. I’m a big believer is honesty and integrity, but that’s one of the last people I want to see preaching about it to the masses. I trust someone that works 2-3 jobs to support their family a lot more than someone paid to dress in nice suits and make millions speaking to people about those values.

    1. Stanley Post author


      It is similar to those who pastored in big church and receives large renumeration package. Typically, they tend to drive big cars and live in big houses while pastoring in small churches will likely see them taking public transportation and live in small home. I am not against pastors being bless with material things in life but quite a number of cases i have seen where it is more like leadership in that place abuse their influence and power to take advantage rather than for the purpose of expanding God’s kingdom.

      I can’t comment on Billy Graham’s package but I borrowed his quotation – “When wealth is lost, nothing is lost…..when your character is lost, all is lost.” As I have seen many people these days compromise their core values in exchange of getting recognized by their supervisors. I am saddened with this kind of behavior as it appears not just in corporate world but also among the civil or public servants as well.


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