People Making Difference. Are you one of them?

By | November 26, 2015

Are you making a difference in your life? I am writing this posts as I realized many of us focus on working to ensure we can pay our expenses for our families.

As we looked further we will notice that life truly is short and we may not have the luxury to ask ourselves, “what are we doing?”

I am a victim in this area as I never thought about this question or I simply ignore even if it ever crossed my mind.

Turning Point

It was only when I started setting up my company where I put in place for my company’s mission and that’s where I realized I needed to do something for the community. I started providing free haircut to the poor, needy and elderly people on a quarterly basis since 2010.

From that experience, the elderly people thought that I was helping them, but instead, I wanted to thank them for putting my focus in place via doing something meaningful while I am still alive.


Are You Making A Difference

The grandma sitting beside me was 100 yrs old and this picture was taken in 2013. She passed away peacefully in Mar 2014. Sad to know that she left but certainly I have no regrets in helping.

Are You Making A difference - hairstylist Are You Making A Difference Are You Making A Difference - Elderly

Every quarter since 2010, I will bring my hairstylists to do charity. Without fail, we will provide free haircut to poor, needy and elderly people. It is always a humbling experience for me as I talked to them realizing that most of the time, they are always alone at home.

Are you doing something to make a difference in your life?

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Any questions, kindly drop your comments and I will respond ASAP.

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17 thoughts on “People Making Difference. Are you one of them?

  1. Riaz Shah

    Hey Stanley,
    Wonderful to know that there are still many good Samaritans as you to help give us hope in this dire times. Many people are too busy chasing money that they sometimes do not even care of the needy and the poor enough to help them out, especially in Asia.

    I come Malaysia and over the years, I’ve noticed that many of the new generations are very rude and arrogant. Those little things like thank you and excuse me though small are what makes our society a wonderful one. I hope to one day do something that will impact the lives of the community to be as kind and thoughtful as they were before. I do love your blog by the way, supporting you always!

    1. admin Post author


      Thanks for the kind words. Youngsters these days have much better childhood than previous generations and couple with the parents that are so busy with their jobs. True to a certain extent that a number of them lack moral and basic manners but not all of them. I have seen quite a number nice and helpful youngsters well. However, i do reckon that they may not take hardship or tolerate under harsh environment as they have been brought up in a comfortable environment. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Mike

    I took the opportunity to look at your site and I see that you are a new member much like myself. I would say that it appears that you are off to a good start in terms of your goals/motivation for running your site. If you continue to build out the rest of wingreatness in the same fashion that you have done to this point I would expect you to be happy with your final results!

    1. Stanley Post author

      Thanks Mike and I wish the same for you as well. Let’s strive to make this happen not just for financial sake rather to live our lives in accordance to our missions with a sense of purpose!

  3. Martin

    What an inspirational article! I hadn’t really given much thought to the question “Am I making a difference?” But now that I have, I guess that I may not be making as much of a difference as I could. I know that I have skill and talents that I could donate, just like you, the only difference it that I haven’t done so as of yet. But I plan to change that! Thank you for your inspirational article!


    1. Stanley Post author


      Yes, life is short and we need to make a difference while we are healthy and fit. Time passes very fast and by the time we want to do something, it is already gone. Grab the opportunity while you can.

  4. Alan Roy Hocking

    It’s great to hear of other people who truly believe in “giving” or “Paying it Forwards” as I like to call it and you are certainly one of them Stanley.

    I think what you are doing for the elderly and needy is a fantastic service and one that the universe will certainly pay you back for.

    A persons true value comes not from how much you are worth in monetary terms but rather from how much worth you give to others in service on a daily basis.

    Keep up the good work Stanley!

    Alan 🙂

    1. Stanley Post author

      Alan, thanks for the kind words. We live in a world that we truly need to help one another and life is short for us where we do not know when our time will come. So why not make best use of our time to do something meaning and leave a legacy for our next generation. Wealth will not last but legacy will.

  5. Dave

    Hi Stanley,

    Thanks for the advice, it’s really really great to see someone willing to give back to the community. It is really easy to get wrapped up in our own lives and you can forget that there are others out there that need help.

    Thanks for leading by example and keep it up!

    1. Stanley Post author


      Thank you for the kind words. I wont know how long I would live so treating each day as if it is my last and doing some meaningful things. Leaving a legacy behind is much more important than anything else.

  6. Boogi918

    Building your future has to be a main focus daily. Getting caught in the everyday struggle of making rent can sway an individual from gaining an understand on how they can achieve goals beyond the basic set of the daily schedule..
    Mainly opportunities dont come to those who wait.. In a sense you have to take the bull by the horns and shift and direct your life accordingly.

    1. Stanley Post author

      Definitely, opportunities wait for no man. One has to plan and work on the goals. In fact, I wont call for opportunities as they do come and it is mainly based on unplanned situations. I would like plan for things to come and should opportunities strike then it will be bonus.

  7. Ian

    Hi Stanley,
    Wow, what an amazing and inspiring story of giving. It’s really nice to offer free haircuts to the poor which I think will definitely make a difference in society and is an opportunity for them to connect with and be supported by the community.
    I think we all make a difference in the lives of others every day that we’re alive, and we should strive to reach out and help each other since we are all interconnected.

    1. Stanley Post author


      Yes, we need to make an effort to make a difference while we are still alive. Being able to contribute and leave a legacy behind is the highest reward.


  8. Marcus

    Great to hear you doing something for the community. It feels so good to give away something for free to the poor and people that don’t have an easy life.

    My way of giving back is to try and educate people about economics and current events. It’s nothing tangible like a hair cut but I feel so good when I have opened up someones mind to start thinking bigger than just the next football game on Sunday.

    Keep doing this great help for other people and you will continue to feel great about it.

    Do you have any future plans of anything else to do as well?


    1. Stanley Post author


      Its nice to know that you are also doing something to help others so that it will make our life worth living upon this earth.

      in terms of future plans, I don’t have a solid plan but I do have a rough idea in terms of where to go and do couple of things should crisis arises. For example, systemic banking crisis or rise of terrorism or collapse of economic systems where Keynesian model is actually not the formula to help our world economy. I guess you may do something likewise as well.



  9. jschicanha

    i use to laugh at my colleagues whenever i see them helping elder people without getting anything in return and i have never thought of getting the right answer to why do they do it for this reason i have found this post more useful to the extend that i am planning to put this in practice

    thanks for the information provided



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